Purchase Conditions

Purchase conditions.     www.19thCode.com


The current document, together with the other documents herein mentioned, establish the conditions ruling the use of the webpage (www.19thcode.com) as well as the purchase of products through it (hereinafter referred to as the CONDITIONS). You are kindly requested to read them attentively together with the Cookies Policy and the Privacy Policy (which in turn go together with the Data Protection Policy before using it.

When using this webpage or order a product through it, you are automatically bound to the observance of these CONDITIONS as well as the Data Protection Policy. This implies that you do not agree to what is stated here, you shall not use this webpage.

Should you have any doubt or question elated t these CONDITIONS or the Data Protection Policy, please, do contact us by sending an email to:  help@19thCode.com. The contract may be formalized in any of the languages in which these conditions are available on this web, namely Spanish and English.



Selling of articles through this webpage is performed under the brand 19thCode with main contact email being customerservice@19thCode.com



The information and data provided by you, will be treated in line to what is stated on the Data Protection Policy. When using this webpage, the user is the sole responsible for the truthfulness, accuracy, validity and authenticity of the personal data provided through the means outlined and you give your consent and authorize 19thCode to treat the personal data according to what is stated in the CONDITIONS herein established.



When using this webpage and order products through it, you commit to:

  1. Make use of this web page or legally valid purchase.
  2. Do not perform false or fraudulent orders. If under the given circumstances could reasonably be considered that such fraudulent order has been made, we are authorized to cancel it and report it to the authorities.
  3. Provide trustworthy data, including email, address, and other contact data.
  4. Be aware of the fact that the data can be treated according to what is stated here and we may contact you if deemed necessary (see our Privacy Policy). If the data provided is incomplete or faulty, we Will not be able to process your order. When placing an order through tis webpage, you must be of legal age and have legal capacity to enter into a contract.



Products offered on this webpage are only available for delivery in the territories listed in the Delivery and Return Policy.



To place an order, you are kindly requested to follow the instructions listed in the online purchase procedure and click the “AUTHORIZE PAYMENT”. After doing this, you will receive a confirmation email (“ORDER CONFIRMATION”). In the same way, you will be informed when your order is out for delivery (“DELIVERY CONFIRMATION).



In the event of detecting an error when introducing your personal data when registering as user on this webpage, you will be able to modify them in “MY ACCOUNT”.

In any case and during the entire process, you will be able to fix any error related to your personal data provided during the purchase process, by contacting the after sales customer care service on the email address ordersupport@19thCode.com, as well as rectifying the data provided as stated in our Privacy Policy by sending an email to customerservice@19thCode.com.

This webpage makes use of different popup windows along the purchase process not letting you to proceed if the data provided is faulty, incomplete or missing.

Details are offered along the whole process of all the articles in the shopping basket so as to be able to modify it before completing before doing the payment.

Should the user detect an error after completing the purchase, you should immediately contact us by email on: ordersupport@19thCode.com stating all pertaining details in order to fix the error.



All orders are subject to product availability. If we ran out of stock, you will be reimbursed any amount or cost in which you have incurred.



Exception made for the fact that the products require tuning or personalization, or unforeseen events happen, the selected courier will deliver the package in the committed time as stated in the order confirmation email.

It will be understood that the delivery is performed once you or third pard duly identified and authorized by you, holds the parcel. This will be attested by the signature of the reception receipt in the indicated address, in the moment the purchase has been made.

All delivery and return pertaining details are stated on the Delivery and Return Policy which can be consulted on the webpage 19thCode.com.



Product inherent risk will be at the user/customer expenses since the moment the delivery takes place.

You will hold full ownership of the products once the payment has been fully served, including delivery costs or once the product has been handed out (according to the aforementioned clause 9), should this take place at a later moment.



 Prices shown on the web page do included VAT, but do not include any other additional cost like delivery which will be added in the very end once the deliver method is chosen.

Prices may change at any time, but once the order has been confirmed, the price will remain unaltered.

Once you have selected all the articles to be included in the order and you have added them to your basket you will proceed to the payment. In order to successfully doing so, please, follow all the indicated steps in the purchasing process to do the payment. Follow all the required steps, providing the compulsory data to be filled in.

Along the whole purchasing process, and before payment is made, you will be able to modify the data you have provided.

Credit cards are subject to verification and authorization by the issuer, but if the issuer does not authorize the payment, we cannot be held responsible for any delay

or missing a delivery since we will not be able to formalize any legally binding contract with you.

The same happens with PayPal.



According to what is established in article 68 of the Law 37/1992, from December 28, 2019, regarding VAT, order delivery will take place only the Spanish VAT legislation applies, exception made for the Canary Islands, Ceuta, and Melilla. Applicable VAT will be ruled by law at any time.

Orders to be delivered to the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are not subject to VAT according to what is stated in article 21 of the Law 37/1992, without prejudice of the application to the corresponding applicable taxes and levies in each particular territory.

You explicitly authorize us to issue an invoice in electronic format, though as well request to be given an invoice in paper, in which casa, we will proceed , print it and send it in the requested format.



In case you are not fully satisfied with the received products, or you just have changed your mind after the reception of the confirmation mail, you may return them in a fourteen calendar day period after the products have been delivered and be reimbursed.

The following steps shall be followed:

  • Create a “RETURN LABEL”


Visit the order tracking page, introduce the order number, email address, and click the “CREATE A RETURN” (If you are registered customer, you can access your purchase history here).

Select the articles you want to return, the preferred return method (handover at a collecting point or home pick up) and select the motive for which you wish to return the article(s). Next step will require you to print the label out.

  • Pack the articles and attach de “RETURN LABEL”


Pack the article in the original box (different boxes can be used but you are kindly requested to use the original box for the sake of recycling an stick the new label, making sure that the original label is completely covered.

  • Leave yourself the product at a collection point or use the courier

Leave the package at any Dropoff Service point or wait for the courier to pick it up on the scheduled day.

  • Wait for return confirmation and the corresponding reimbursement

You will receive an email confirming that the article(s) have been properly return to our warehouse premises and the reimbursement shall take place three to four working days upon reception.

Should you have additional questions, you are kindly requested to visit our FAQ section and carefully read the ones related to returns. In case you have comments or suggestions about our return process, please, do not hesitate to send an email to: ordersupport@19thCode.com.


NOTE: in case you choose not to follow the aforementioned process, you are free to choose the preferred return process. Keep in mind that you will have to bear the additional expenditures caused by the returning of the products take the risk of losing the article or any damage caused by the transportation or the courier until we finally receive them.



Keep in mind that you are the sole responsible for keeping the products in good shape and safe.

If the return happens because you have changed your mind, (cancellation right) you will be reimbursed every cost incurred but the delivery costs.

You may choose that cancellation right without any penalty whatsoever and without needing to justify it.



On top of what it has been mentioned before, there exists a legal warranty spanning over two years (or the longest period established by the local legislation) for faulty products An article is deemed to be faulty if the damage or manufacturing fault arises before two (2) years (or the longest period established by the local legislation) after sale. Please, do keep in mind that the warranty does not extend to normal wear and tear or when the maintenance instructions have not been followed.

Faulty articles can be returned in the next two (2) years following the reception and get reimbursed for the total amount paid, including delivery costs.