19th Code is a brand born with the commitment of moving the world, stirring people’s consciences and make everybody else aware of the power of our voice to make it possible the change.

Our DNA is made tangible through urban fashion brought from the street and for the street. We are true to our beliefs, stand for authenticity and advocate for real change.

We belong to the people expressing themselves with freedom and respect, always in the move, with a firm voice. We want to be part of the change, working for a better world to live in. As authentic as you are, without disguising our words.

We want to share your space, being part of the urban heartbeat of the city where you live, taking a stroll through skate park where you usually go to, do some parkour together or just take a ride on your bike. Why not dancing together to the tune of hip-hop, rap or whatever style you like.

It is time for deeds, not words!

The time is come for a new generation, the 19th Code generation.


We have come to stay.

The 19th Code DNA

  • We don’t remain quiet whenever we face injustice and we advocate for the defense of the human rights. We are rebel with a cause! We stand for our as well as others’ rights.
  • We are committed to shake up people’s conscience. We urge them to speak up their minds and become a thriving force for positive change.
  • We have human rights fire engraved on the outer skin as well as in our hearts.
  • We support a universal inclusive involvement of everybody in the defense of human rights. Nobody should be left out!
  • Respect is our motto.
  • We were born on the street and we dwell on it. It is our source of inspiration.
  • Our ideas flow through a diversity of activities and fields: graffiti, skate, tattoo, music trends such as rap and trap, bike , freestyle, parkour,…
  • There isn’t such a thing as youth apathy. Find a place and a means!
  • 19th Code is an attitude. We walk away from topics or classifications.